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Wyoming Siberian Cattery

Purebred TICA registered Cat Breeder

At WY Siberian Cattery we are passionate about raising the healthiest and happiest companions to join your family. Our hypoallergenic kittens are well socialized and truly the most fun!

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About Us

I'm Jen and this is my tribe, which I couldn't be more proud of. I grew up on a farm in Nebraska where my mom raised poodles along with caring for our other animals. I loved being the one to socialize our puppies before finding their forever homes. While I loved our puppies, I've always been more of a cat person. Taming the farm kittens that were born every spring was a highlight of my childhood.
Looking back on those days, I wanted to give my kids a similar experience. Now a city dweller in Cheyenne, Wyoming indoor cats are our best option. In addition, we have family members and close friends that are allergic to cats. Thus, my search began. I wanted the most affectionate, fluffy kittens which were also hypoallergenic. Our house gets a little crazy with four children, so it was also important to have really chill cats. I knew we couldn't have a breed that was too wild. This is what led me to Siberians.
Our two beautiful queens are the perfect additions to our family. They're total lap cats that welcome us at the door when we come home, but aren't needy. Everyone who comes to our house comments on how Lily and Chloe are so beautiful and cuddly.



ADOPTION FEE: $2,000 - Includes First Shots, Wellness exam & TICA Registration* (kittens available for adoption at 10 weeks).  All of our cats are purebred and have all age appropriate vaccinations.

There is a $250 deposit to get on our waiting list. However, our spring and fall 2022 waiting lists are full.


Delilah, Derrick, Dwight, Della

Chloe and Apollo's 2nd litter. Born January 26th, 2022



Black and Silver Turtle


Coconut, Cedric, Calypso, Crystal and Caitlin

Lily and Apollo's 2nd litter. Born January 8th, 2022


Blue Silver Spotted Traditional


Becca, Bree and Bronson

Chloe and Apollo's 1st litter. Born September 1st, 2021


Blue Silver with Black Spotted Traditional

Sunshine Silver (Bimetallic)


Aspen, Alvin, Alona, Alfredo, Anna and Andy

Lily and Apollo's 1st litter. Born August 19th, 2021


Creme Tabby Traditional with White

Black and Silver Spotted Tabby with White


Blue Silver Spotted Traditional

Our Females

Our 2 ladies are sisters from the same litter born on July 11th 2020. Their parents where imported from Russia and all of their grandparents are either champions or international champions. Both gorgeous girls are lap cats and are happy being carried around. They love playing with their humans, but when we're busy they're fine with entertaining themselves. They enjoy their toys and each other. Each are stunning in their own way. With a variety of colors and traits, we are sure to have the kitten with the perfect temperament and personality to fit your lifestyle!


Lily is the sweetest cat you'll ever meet and my 3 year old daughter's best friend. They are nearly inseparable. Lily is literally the most patient and tolerate cat I've ever met. She puts up with more than she should from my daughter and still just keeps purring. She is such a lover to everyone.



Chloe is so entertaining, she cracks us up. When she's not pregnant or with kittens my boys like to see how high they can get her to jump and flip while chasing feather toys. She spends a lot of her day hanging out by my husband while he works. Chloe is such a smart and well behaved beauty, and tends to listen better than my boys do. She seems to know when our family needs her and just how to make us happy. She's curious, adventurous, and quite the acrobat.



We've chosen not to have a boy of our own because our family wanted to have kittens on our timeline. Apollo is from Kiss from a Rose Siberian Cattery in Broomfield, CO and is our stud!



Apollo was imported from Russia and lives at Kissed from a Rose Siberian Cattery in Broomfield, CO.

Apollo was born April 26th, 2019. He loves to be loved, caressed, brushed and anything to do with the senses, especially food - he "savors" every bite! He's quite the gentle giant.

Apollo's Russian name, "Anduin," is named after the Greek god of healing, medicine, music and poetry. Apollo's beauty comes from both his mother, "Helma Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva" (aunt "Hors" is her nickname in Russia), and his father, "Bal'zam Diya Dushi Danvel," a champion. He is a black silver tabby spotted with white; playful as a kitten and as gentle as a lamb. This boy loves to be held and hugged (he thinks he's small). His big green eyes are mystifying, but so innocent and childlike. When you curl up on the couch, he's in your lap. He purrs just by being near you. Apollo quickly captures the eyes and hearts of all who enter their home.



It is important to keep in mind that Siberians are not non-allergenic, but rather, hypoallergenic (hypo- meaning “less” in Latin). Thus, typical allergic reactions can be significantly reduced with respect to certain people who have cat allergies. Decreased dander qualities is one of many reasons Siberians are still commonly sought after for this very unique trait.


According to recent studies, most allergic reactions (60% - 90%) that people have to cats are caused by a  small glycoprotein called "Fel d-1." This protein is produced only in cats, and is excreted via their saliva and sebaceous glands (glands in the skin). As such, when a cat grooms itself it spreads and disperses the Fel d-1 in the cat’s fur, which in turn then breaks off and becomes airborne, contaminating the air with high levels of this allergen.  Individuals allergic to cats and not other animals are usually allergic only to Fel d-1.  

Because Siberians produce significantly less Fel d-1 than other breeds, allergic reactions in people can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Research on this issue has provided consistent scientific findings supporting this claim. For example, in 1999, Indoor Biotechnologies conducted tests on the fur of Siberian cats versus other breeds, with respect to the levels of Fel d-1. It found that the average cat produces an estimated 63,000 micrograms of Fel d-1 per gram, while a Siberian will produce approximately 200 micrograms per gram.    

Another study in 2005 by the nonprofit organization, Siberian Research, Inc., further bolsters these findings, showing a very strong correlation between the allergen level in saliva and the perceived allergic reaction in highly allergic individuals. Siberians with very low allergen levels pass this trait to the kittens in the litter (

Most recently, a 2017 study by the  Department of Veterinary Science,  found multiple mutations in a small sampling of the Siberian’s genes that encode for the allergen, leading researchers to suggest that these mutations play a key role in the allergenic properties of the Fel d-1 protein ( Science based studies surrounding this topic are ongoing, and while there are encouraging and consistent findings that continue to emerge from this research, it is important to understand that allergies from cats can vary based on the individual, so there is no "one size fits all."  


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